Tabla & Guru

Since he was a toddler he had developed an interest in rhythms and his parents had noticed this and started nurturing his interest immediately. His father is his first guru introduced him to tabla when he was only two and half years of age. When he was 6 years old he was taken by his father to Pandit Kumar Bose for his advanced taalim in tabla. His taalim has been under the strict guidance of his guru and over the years he has learnt the various dynamics and philosophy of the Benaras gharana. Pandit Kumar Bose has developed a distinct style of playing the instrument especially the “Baayan” and Abhirup too has beautifully mastered this particular style of his guru with immense grace. He not only had to earn the compositions but also had to prove himself to play in concerts by his guru. Beside his taalim processes he also assisted Pandit Bose in his different compositions, research and concerts.

Abhirup in 25 years of his tabla career has participated in several prestigious competitions and music festivals. He has performed in esteemed concerts both as a solo and an accompanying artist in various cities in India and abroad. In the recent years he has worked as a music director, scoring music for various short films and television projects.

He has mesmerized the music lovers in India and abroad and his performances has been acclaimed critically by the music critics for his improvisational dexterity and how his fingers work magic on the instrument and with immense elegance and grace how it complements the other instrument that is being played when he is on stage as an accompanying artist. He is one of the promising torchbearers of the country and within these few years he has already proved that he has immense promise in himself to carry forward his guru Pandit Kumar Bose’s legacy.