With a royal performing style, Abhirup unfolds himself as a Tabla Virtuoso from Kolkata, India. The descendant of Benaras Gharana is keen on escalating the instrument’s popularity by playing at newer and greater heights.

Abhirup, the only son of Mitali Roy and Swarup Roy has embellished perfecty with the blissful touch of his guru Pt. Kumar Bose,

a legendary Tabla wizard of Indian Classical Music. Needless to say that his grandfather, Late Shri Niranjan Roy, a great motivator for “Baul Gaan” is a pioneer of Abhirup’s musical journey.

Thus,the culture of music in the family makes Roy an astounding face in musical aura.


Only at the age of two and half years, Abhirup was introduced to Tabla for his deep curiosity in rhythms by his first guru, his father. Later he was taken to Pt. Kumar Bose for advanced Taalim. With immense grace, Abhirup has been beautifully proved his ability on Benaras Gharana and has been playing “Baayan” in an unique style on his Guru’s path. He was fortunate enough to receive Taalim from the Sarod Wizard Pt. Debojyoti Bose for various aspects of Sangat.

Abhirup has participated in several prestigious competitions and has also performed in esteemed concerts both as a Solo and

an accompanying artist in various cities in India and abroad. Now he has been considered as a music director, scoring music for various short films, television projects and albums.

His mesmerising performance has been acclaimed critically for his improvisational dexterity and how his fingers work magic on Tabla has how it accompanies the other instruments. He is one of the promising torch bearers of the county. He has immense promise in himself to carry forward his Guru Pt. Kumar Bose’s legacy as one of the finest tabla virtuoso.


His academic career is also noteworthy one as he has obtained the MBA degree specializing on Brand Strategy and Marketing from from a prestigious University. He has also obtained a multimedia diploma for Creative Designing and Sound Editing. Soon after the completion of his MBA he started working in a one of the leading ad agency as a marketing executive and ended his this work life as a Head- Branding & Strategic Planning a television channel.

In further he also owns a firm which is involved in a television production house in Kolkata and he is one of the entrepreneurs of the firm. He has developed multiple blue prints of strategic planning and branding for Bengali serials and a satellite channel. However, presently Tabla has taken up a major role in his life hense he is busy learning and exploring the intricacies of the subject along with performing and teaching the unique subject and winning several hearts of the people not only in India but also all over the globe.

FINGER MEETS – art of percussion


Finger meets is a project which says about the art of percussion where instruments like Kalimba, Hang Frame drums are being used to make the different taste of rhythmical experiments. Whereas, Tabla presents the traditional forms of Indian Classical Music to create a proper blend of a globalized rhythmical texture. Here its more about the heart touching tonality and simple approaches of rhythmical journey where audiences can themselves into the journey easily.

Olaf Plotz is a very sensitive and skilled musician from Vaale, Germany. His passion about different instruments and music made his sense wider and to take the adventure to collaborate with many musicians from across the world with very much comfortably. His respect towards the artist and the art form helps the music to travel across boarder.

For more please Logon to olaf-plotz.de


WEISS ROY – World Percussion Duo


Pedro Weiss is a person who not only a legendary musician from the very cultural city of Germany, Karlsruhe but also he lives his passion for rhythm every day and I want to pass this passion on to my students and participants in the workshops. He is living his rhythmical life as a drummer, percussionist, live and studio musician, teacher and author of specialist literature.

Pedro and Abhirup came forward and formed a world percussion duo project in Germany. On the other hand, Karlsruhe is the first city from where Abhirup started his musical journey in Europe and that city is one of his close to heart cities. It was his dream to establish a collaboration to make his world rhythm project which came true with the “WEISS ROY –  World Percussion duo Project “. This project is basically representing the ethic instrumentation from around the world like Darbuka, Cajón, Djembe, Congas Bongos etc and of the TABLA. Here the concept is more into the blending of Indian Rhythm Cycles and its mathematical inclusions with the rhythms of these worlds percussion instruments where the variations will be in the flavor of tonality and in the way of expansion of rhythmical imagination from two persons.

Their first CD Project is also yet to be launched very soon.

For more please Logon to www.rhythmo.de

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