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FINGER MEETS – art of percussion


Finger meets is a project which says about the art of percussion where instruments like Kalimba, Hang Frame drums are being used to make the different taste of rhythmical experiments. Whereas, Tabla presents the traditional forms of Indian Classical Music to create a proper blend of a globalized rhythmical texture. Here its more about the heart touching tonality and simple approaches of rhythmical journey where audiences can themselves into the journey easily.

Olaf Plotz is a very sensitive and skilled musician from Vaale, Germany. His passion about different instruments and music made his sense wider and to take the adventure to collaborate with many musicians from across the world with very much comfortably. His respect towards the artist and the art form helps the music to travel across boarder.

For more please Logon to olaf-plotz.de


WEISS ROY – World Percussion Duo


Pedro Weiss is a person who not only a legendary musician from the very cultural city of Germany, Karlsruhe but also he lives his passion for rhythm every day and I want to pass this passion on to my students and participants in the workshops. He is living his rhythmical life as a drummer, percussionist, live and studio musician, teacher and author of specialist literature.

Pedro and Abhirup came forward and formed a world percussion duo project in Germany. On the other hand, Karlsruhe is the first city from where Abhirup started his musical journey in Europe and that city is one of his close to heart cities. It was his dream to establish a collaboration to make his world rhythm project which came true with the “WEISS ROY –  World Percussion duo Project “. This project is basically representing the ethic instrumentation from around the world like Darbuka, Cajón, Djembe, Congas Bongos etc and of the TABLA. Here the concept is more into the blending of Indian Rhythm Cycles and its mathematical inclusions with the rhythms of these worlds percussion instruments where the variations will be in the flavor of tonality and in the way of expansion of rhythmical imagination from two persons.

Their first CD Project is also yet to be launched very soon.

For more please Logon to www.rhythmo.de

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